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   The appearance of wrinkles is inevitable for anyone , after the mid 20’s the collagen production of all skin starts to slow down, which results in the start of aging of the skin, which would eventually result in wrinkle, but with proper care it can be delayed. Anti-aging creams is one the first and most important step in the anti-wrinkle regime.
 You can make a simple homemade anti-wrinkle serum, easily at home with the simple recipe using all natural ingredients, and it’s suitable for all skin types.

This homemade anti-wrinkle serum has a lot of benefits:
* Hydrates the skin
* Evens out the complexion
* Reduces visible lines
* Slows down the aging process

So, now getting to the ingredients of the serum
You will need:
1 fresh egg yolk
2 tablespoons of almond oil (you can replace it with olive oil)
2 tablespoon tea tree oil (for sensitive and acne prone skin, other skin types its optional)
1/2 tablespoon of honey
2 teaspoons of organic shea butter or
2 teaspoons of regular Vaseline (i would suggest to skip it,since it can cause acne to some skin ,add it only if you have a very dry or mature skin, and not acne prone)

   Take a bowl and add in honey, egg yolk and (almond or olive) oil and mix well and set aside. Now take shea butter in a metal bowl and melt it over a double boiler, (it will need a few minutes) keep stirring until completely melted. Remove the pot from fire once melt and without any waiting add in the remaining ingredients that we mixed first in the bowl. Mix all things well and keep on the stirring until you get a smooth mixture. Now transfer this mixture in a clean empty container.
   To apply this cream, start massaging it in circular motion on clean skin, and after 30 minutes wipe off the excess cream from face using a wet cotton pad. This cream is super hydrating and can also serve as a massage cream from face.
The cream remains on the face after the excess is wiped of, the cream will need about an hour to be fully absorbed within the skin.

   Keep the cream refrigerated. This mixture can last up to 7-8 days in the fridge can you can prepare it again. Make sure you keep the mixture ingredient measurements the same. Continue using this cream you will start to see visible results in a short time.

Hope was helpful.
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