ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Foundation Review and swatches

Today Im of my favorites...the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation


15-hour staying power. Flawless all day. This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.
Won't change color, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable.
Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.



The outer packages of the foundations is blue cardboard Estee Lauder designed boxes, nothing groundbreaking but lovely all the same. The foundation comes in a pretty heavy, frosted glass bottle, no pump on this baby,And the packaging housing the actual product the foundation is in a glass bottle ,with no pump included.which means that you have to pour it out so sometimes I end up wasting some or trying to scoop it back inside. If you buy a pump separately then you don't have this problem but it would be much more handy if the bottle came with one in the first place. the MAC foundation pump fits perfectly on this, just trim the end a bit (as this bottle is shorter). , I think the bottle is beautiful, it looks and feels very expensive. It's quite weighty to hold because of the frosted glass. Whilst I love the look of products in glass bottles, they aren't very durable .I much prefer the plastic squeezy tube packaging they are slimline, durable and travel friendly.




This foundation has a chemical smell to it quite similar to mac but this doesn't bother me.It is rather thick in texture and is a full coverage foundation. Though thick, it feels comfortable on the skin and does not feel heavy which is really great, considering this has great coverage.

Here it is blended in slightly, it's very pigmented and opaque, this covers my redness well and evens out completely. You could do more than one layer and get full coverage, but it does tend to give a mask-like effect if you overdo it, you can always sheer this out by using a sponge or your fingers. The finish is matte, which can wash you out or be very obvious if you don't have the right colour match. This may feel thick on those who are not used to full coverage foundations. However, I do think Double Wear is like the superhero of foundations, coming to save the day, it's the no fuss excellent coverage, transfer proof, flawless face product.



I'm VERY oily... Like oil well, and this foundation DOES THE JOB. It gives me a full coverage, matte, flawless look and does not budge throughout the day. I do use a setting powder and spray, but that's how it is for any foundation I wear. I don't have to touch up throughout the wear and still don't want to take it off later because of how amazing it looks.

ApplicationWhich tool used for The application of any foundation depends on personal prefernce. since its a liquid foudation,it glides over skin can use a beauty blender for a sheer coverage,and a flat top kabuki for a full coverage with a single layer. but i have noticed it does clings to dry patches so exfoliating before application makes its applicaiton flawless .though i dont get dry patches but still how it use it ,if you get dry patches I would say that exfoliating is a must with this foundation-I cannot stress how important it is to PROPERLY PREP skin before applying DW in order to see its full beautifulness! i exofoliate that with a gentle exfoliant, light moisturising and a layer of Benefit Porefessional DW wears beautifully on my oily skin, much prefer applying DW Light as I use my favourite foundation brush, the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush which allows me to really buff the foundation into my skin. The finish it leaves is fantastic..
The finish is quite matte, if you want glow you're going to have to mix in either a luminous primer or a moisturizer to get it, if you're like me and are on a quest for matte makeup then you'll love the finish
While we're talking about the finish mentioing again that if you have ANY dry patches this stuff will cling like nothing else, so if you've got some flaking skin or a dried out spot.then this is a bad choice for you

Shade Range
Estee Lauder has a pretty good color selection with warm, cool and neutral tones. and the yellow undertone shades have true yellow undertone (except some) which is very very important to me. nd itn't look white in pictures either which is a major bonus.I have this in the shade "1W2  sand".I would suggest going in and getting a sample before purchasing this foundation, Cause even the shade selection is great ,selecting the right shade in this one is tricky.

Oil Control property
This foundation controls oil really well, way better than any other foundations that I have tried.Once its sets its going no break.I didnt experienced any breaking up of the foundation any where even for a wear upto 10 hrs. especially when use with a good mattifying primer and top with a decent finishing powder (Benefit Porefessional and Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder work best for me). although its marketed as it can be used by all skin types but I personally think this would be good for oily skins more most skin type.

Coverage is excellent, medium to full coverage depends on how you want it and how you apply it. If I want light-medium coverage I will apply it with a damp Beauty Blender (or any makeup sponge) and if I want a medium to full coverage to super full coverage I will use Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki in 'stippling motion'. I tried 2-3 spot layers on my (slightly) freckles on my cheekbones and it covers about 98%. It gives absolutely matte finish, so to keep in mind this foundation 'might not' work well for people with dry skin. And you will feel like wearing makeup though but hey, which full coverage foundations make you feel like bare face anyway?
 Lasting Power
This foundation can last upto 10hrs (the max time i wore it ).and It holds up really well through heat & humidity. It doesn't oxidize on me
Using the beauty blender also sheers out coverage which a lot of people will like, because man, when double wear gets on there, it really gets on there. It's actually kind of counterintuitive for me to use the beauty blender because I do apply two coats, but you do what you have to do for a nice finish.


If you want a foundation, that's long wearing, matte, you can build it up to a full coverage. and it comes in a bottle that look beautiful (in my opinion)


Oily / very oily skins


  • Doesn’t wear off 
  • Full Coverage of acne and scars
  • For me the colour match was spot on 
  • Very long lasting with no need to touch up ever! 
  • Reasonably priced


Glass bottle equals the fear of smashing!
May Feel heavy on your skin  if not worn right
May clog pores good afterward cleansing is a must
Clings on Dry patches


Size: 30ml
Cost:240 SAR
Available at :Wojooh ,Debenhams across middle east


This double wear foundation , you either love it or hate it . Because it is hard to apply at first but when you are master , you will love it .I just love it I don't have to use any concealer when I wear this because the pigment in foundation is so rich and can cover any blemish on my face . It's not oily at all , it give me a semi-matt look . To all of my oily skin girls- do not hesitate to get this foundation. It is amazing :) the only thing I'd change about it is adding a pump, but I can look past that just because I love it so much.This is something well worth the money and i promise will not disappoint.
Have you tried Estee Lauder Double Wear and if so, are you a fan?  How do you like/dislike it?

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