Anyone who has ever been in the search for the perfect foundation shade from might be familiar with these words, but I’m very sure most of the people still get confused what do they actually mean and how to actually pick their shades.
Getting the perfect foundation color the first step is always to find your undertone. If you don’t know your undertone yet, you can find it here.
   A walk into any MAC store and you can see many potential customers who would feel completely confused for so many different colors which al lay in front of them
More as for foundations. Where do you start? There are so many. And the most difficult question what on earth does NC or NW means and would I be AM I NC or NW? From the palest of all, to the deepest of all skin tone, no matter what shade you are looking for. You want it? MAC has it.
   It one of the most asked questions that what does NC and NW stands for, and what is the difference between an NC and NW?So, today I’ll give a short intro what it actually means, as If people have a more in-depth know how of what NC-NW means they would have more understanding and a little more confidence in matching up themselves at the store next time when they are on a foundation selection.

   AN easy way to look at it as: Think of each MAC foundation shade as being named as either warm or cool undertone to neutralize and balance out the respective skin tone. Now the complete list for MAC foundation coding is.
“C” stands for “Cool”
“NC” stands for “Neutral Cool”
“NW” stands for “Neutral Warm”
“W” stands for “Warm:
  In this post we will just just discuss two of them NC and NW.
MAC works in a complete different way compared to other companies, and there colors are actually opposite.NC (Neutral Cool) through its termed cool, while it’s designed for people who have warm undertones shades like yellow, gold or olive. While NW (Neutral Warm) is for people, who belong to cool undertones, like pink or red.

Confused? Why cool undertone is labeled warm, and warm undertone is been named as cool?... Don’t be…let’s make it simple.
MAC names them backwards, because they use color correction technique.
Warm skin has yellow /gold undertone, and there veins look more green, so in MAC a warm skinned person would get NC shades to balance out the warmness in their tone, while NW can make them appear more read.
Now if you are a pink undertone you’re going to want a shade which falls under the NW series. This is to balance out their tone.

From the above picture you can clearly see the difference in the hue of both series, even the same numbers both of the series have different tones.

A pictorial example: to make it more clear
Would these well-known Celebrities be matched up to an NC or NW? Answers below

 Kim Kardashian - NC
Kate Winslet – NW

   About the number which number to opt from a specific series depends on your skin shade the paler your shade is the lower number you will choose while the darker you are the higher you go. It’s numbered as low numbers being lightest and higher numbers being deeper. For example NC 05 is a very pale shade while NC 40 being quite a deep shade.
   Another thing to keep in mind, is that not all series having the same number system would have exactly the same shades. Different series means different formulations and a difference in shades. For example if you are a NC 25 in studio fix series, NC 25 from pro long wear series might appear a bit darker even if they are same numbers. So, always recheck the shade numbers before switching between series.

I hope now you all feel a little more confident with your NC and NW worries...