7 Hair Tricks to make your Face Look Thinner


Has it ever happened that you walked into a salon and requested the hairstylist to “make you look thinner”? Didn’t you feel like the most stupid person requesting something even more stupid? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! But the truth is that there are ways and hairstyles that can actually make you look much slimmer than you are! Yay!
Here are some hair tricks that slim those chubby cheeks instantly!


Highlights can make your face look slimmer
Highlights: A splash of bright or contrasting color can give you an instant slimming effect. Consider getting highlights in warm and flattering colors (not hot pink or electric blue!). Natural brown, golden and deep burgundy highlights suit almost all complexions.


Get wispy bangs make your face look thin!
Wispy bangs: Heavy and blunt bangs make your face look rounder because they completely hide your forehead. Instead, opt for wispy bangs or a light fringe that are shorter in the center of your forehead and longer towards the eyebrows and temples.

I think Miley Cyrus looked much better in her long layered hair, what about you?
Layers: Layers can also make you look much slimmer. Ask the hairstylist to give you a good set of layers that frame your face well and flatter your best features.


Side-swept hairstyles also give your face a slimming effect
Side part: Most hairstylists urge you to go with your natural part, which is where your hair falls on its own. But if you want to slim your face, go with a side part. Round and heart shaped faces have a broad forehead which causes the face to look chubby. Cover half the forehead in side-swept bangs and voila! No more fluff!


An asymmetrical bob cut not only looks funky but also makes you look thin
Asymmetrical bob: The trick is to play with the shape of your face. Hairstyles like the asymmetrical bob cut (which has shorter hair at the back and longer hair as it comes to the front) can make your face look thin. But don’t go for the conventional bob else you’ll only highlight your chubby cheeks!


Long hair elongates your face making it look slimmer
Long hair: If you want to have a slimming effect on your face, hair experts suggest going long. Longer hair will make your face look slimmer because it elongates the face more in comparison with shorter styles.

A high updo like this bun or a chignon bun looks elegant and stylish
High updo: A vertical updo brings attention upwards camouflaging your baby fat and adding length to the face.
So there you have it! Which of these instant face-slimming hairstyles is your go-to? Let us know in the comments below!
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