Top 10 Best Victoria Secrets Fragrance Mists Review

Victoria Secret,is known to have made countless fashion accessories, beauty products, lingerie, and women’s products.Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist, $12/8.4 oz. at Victoria’s Secret stores or through their website. 26 different scents available. Today im here have the list of top 10 best Victoria Secret perfumes in 2017.

Claim: Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a touch of scent.

Packaging: The packaging looks nice sitting on a dresser (better than your average plastic mist bottle) and I feel like these bottles are perfectly sized: not so small that you use them up too quickly but not so big that you’ll be using the same scent for a year.

All of the fragrances I have here can be spritzed on (2-3 pumps) for a lighter scent or applied more heavily if you want other people to notice the scent. If you like a stronger perfume smell you’ll probably want to spritz a little more on every couple of hours. Obviously, layering them over a similar body lotion will help the scent last longer.

VANILLA LACE (vanilla & musk)
It is a sweet and delicious vanilla with a creamy musky base. . First spray is a thick sweet vanilla syrup settles down quickly to a warm smoky earthy vanilla. The musk in this is smokey instead of soapy.

AMBER ROMANCE (amber & cream anglaise)
This Fragrance is very close to Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber; it’s warm and rich, slightly more musky than spicy.It's a beautiful vanilla-cream and amber scent with just a slight hint of soft fruit. It's creamy and warm, and the amber is really responsible for keeping it in the perfect condition as a perfume. Its long lasting, feminine and very easy to wear.

AQUA KISS (sun-kissed freesia and daisy)
It is very light and fresh, a bit like a wildflower bouqet. The first thing that comes to my mind when I smell this is “fresh.” Seriously, it smells so fresh, clean, and crisp. Its like waking up to a chilly fresh breeze on a spring morning. Aqua Kiss kind of balances between sweet and salty shower freshness, lightly floral notes and watery notes. Its cool, aquatic.

An "irresistible fresh fragrance. Fall in Sheer Love, bright and cheerful with fresh white cotton and luminous pink lily." It's a fresh-out-of-the-shower-wearing-freshly-laundered-clothes type of fragrance for me as it feels quite soft and light. I love it like I love delicate blooms, pretty and youthful! sweeter and more feminine touch at the same time being simple and clean.

A very fresh, clean, and crisp scent. It is the perfect aqua and summery fragrance, smells of fresh icy marine crystals with little hints of peony. It has a floral touch too, but the aqua scent is more dominant.You'll notice the salt too which I love! Mostly smell the salt/sea notes and a little bit of a flower.Refreshing and lovely. Total summer perfume.If you are a aqua scent lover, then you will surely like this fragrance. 

ENDLESS LOVE  (apple blossom & ylang ylang)
It is slightly sweeter than most ylang ylang fragrances but not as sugary some of the other Victoria’s Secret florals; Endless love is a nice, clean, fresh, feminine fragrance. I can definitely smell the sweet apple blossom and maybe just a touch of the peach. Simple but very pretty and easy to wear. 

PURE SEDUCTION (red plum & freesia)
It is a very strong, romantic floral; light, summery, refreshing fragrance,definitely a day-time scent & a Summer Season fragrance, It’s a sweet, refreshing, playful and a very girly fragrance which makes me happy each time I use it.

SECRET CHARM (honeysuckle & jasmine)

It's generally a pretty pleasant smell. Definitely smell the aloe Vera and jasmine, it's a very safe and pretty floral that is kind of like a breathe of fresh air from all the sugary pink smells. It won't offend anyone, nor is it anything that pushes the boundaries of perfumery. 

This scents is all about coconut and vanilla. Basically, I mostly detect vanilla. This is a very vanillary coconut scent. Coconut Passion gets the prize for sweetness without a trace of synthetic, overbearing screechiness! Really light, really beautiful. This gem is truly a perfect balance of pretty notes, soft and gentle, get delightfully sweet. 

It just smells heavenly! It smells like fresh juicy apples with a lot of hints of fresh berries with a floral touch which makes it a perfect blend. It has this sweet sugary candy like feel to it. The smell is very refreshing and lifts up my mood immediately, it just gets me in a fun mood.

Described as a floral and fruity scent, Mango Temptation features notes of mango nectar and hibiscus with aloe vera and chamomile extracts used for skin softening. It is a sweet, fruity scent which smells more like a mixture of tropical fruits rolled into one rather than mango on its own. I am not a massive tropical fruits fan but I really love this smell.

My final thoughts: I really like these, the scents are fairly lasting without being so strong that they curl your nose.Please Do FOLLOW me on instagram  here and LIKE my pages below to stay Beauty Updated...
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