New trends take over every season. While some remain the same, there are others that take the front stage. Somwhat will 2017 bring to the table? The upcoming makeup trends for spring 2017 are all abou switching from heavy makeup to a combination of natural and bold instead. So let’s take a look at the 8 latest makeup trends for spring 2017.


Bold lipstick trend getting stronger this year. No color is off limits.Red still tops the chart, but purple, brown, burgundy and orange, fuchsia, are showing up too. Matte finish is here to stay, but a good gloss with a hint of glitter has been spotted, too.

If you’ve spent most of your life plucking your eyebrows to near extinction, now is the time to put down those tweezers. Bushy brows are the latest face framers to explore. The bolder and bushier, the better. Invest in a good brow brush to work the look to its fullest potential.


Its all about shine and glam.There is a lot of glitter this year.Glitter is also being used in more unusual ways. Products like eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter and false eyelashes are getting the glittery treatment, becoming more widely visible. When using glitter, be sure to keep it fun and bright. Start small and work your way up.


Blush can easily go overboard, but that is ok this year! Blush in 2017 is bright and bold. Emphasize high cheekbones from cheeks to temples with more than an apple sized pop of color. Shades to go for pastel pinks to corals to bronze.


Winged liner comes and goes, but smudgy liner is back in 2017. Smudgy eyeliner is a must as an upcoming spring trend. It should look just beautiful and imperfect. Perfect shades of eyeliner for spring are black, gray and navy.


The popularity of chrome nails has already trickled into 2016, but it will still play strong in 2017. The only downside to this trend is that chrome nails aren’t all that DIY-friendly. You’ll have to rely on a nail technician to give you that bold metallic finish.


Get ready to let your skin breathe again! While I doubt that any makeup lover will ever be able to say goodbye to their highlight and contour, we will all be saving a lot of time in 2017’s “less is more” attitude towards face makeup. This season, it's all about strobing and "nontouring" to create glowing, highlighted skin and an overall luminous look.

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