Tested Tricks for GLOWING SKIN

How to get a glowing skin? Clear glowing skin is a dream for every person. No one likes pimples, zits, dark spots, baggy eyes or dark circles. There are different skin types and different problems associated with them.So here's a list of my favorite, most effective tips for taking care of your skin, and they are perfect for all the skin types.


 It seems so simple, right? I constantly get asked what I recommend for healthy-looking skin. My answer? Drink water. Lots of water. 15% of our skin is made up of water.If you want that radiant glow, water is your new best friend. Water hydrates the body, eliminates the toxins and boosts the immune system.
Drinking at least 2 liters per day gives the skin a bright, noticeable change in less than a week. Your skin and body will thank you!It rids your skin from dryness and wrinkles. It also boosts the immune system.


Sleep is one secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and get flawless and glowing skin naturally. Reduce stress - Stress hormones lead to excessive oil production which will result in white heads. Running, a warm bath and a short sleep help reduce stress and get rid of acne. At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is needed for an active mind and glowing skin. Occasional visits to the spa and swimming pool will relax your muscles.

Facial massage can release tension, increase circulation, stimulate muscles, firm tissue in the face, get your lymph flowing, and let serums penetrate more deeply into your skin. And the best part is you don't need to visit a spa to reap the benefits, as facial massage lends itself very nicely to the DIY approach, check out here how you can have a massage yourself.

Dullness of the skin, pimples and acne are often caused by excessive accumulation of toxins and waste products in the body and it is important to flush out these water products with the help of detoxification. It helps in maintaining the pH of the body at a healthy alkaline state. An easy way to detox your body and each morning is to start your day with a glass of warm lemon water.It is best to stay away from sugar, alcohol and salty snacks for at least 5 days to give the skin a healthy break and prevent water retention.

Working out is not only essential to losing weight and stay fit, but also to get flawless skin naturally. It increases blood and oxygen flow to the skin cells. that help in neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative stress and carries away waste products from the cells. It helps in flushing out cellular debris from the system.Exercise is the best way to cleanse the skin from the inside.

What you put into your body is just as, if not more, important to the health of your skin as what you put on it. So make sure you're eating the things that will nourish your skin and promote overall glowy-ness. One of the most important vitamins for healthy and flawless skin is vitamin C.Regular intake of vitamin C improves collagen production, enhances skin brightness, keeps away age spots and pigmentation and helps in enhancing the complexion and preventing the appearance of the signs of skin aging.


You need to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin every single night no matter how tired you may feel. Your skin is already dirty from bacteria, and adding makeup to the mix will break you out even more. Take off your makeup, and you’ll notice a huge difference in the clarity of your skin.


We lose millions of skin cells every day and if you're not exfoliating them away, they'll hang around on your face and cause your skin to look gray and sullen, clog pores, and let oil build up.When you exfoliate, you remove that layer of dead cells and allow your skin to breathe and the best way to reveal that radiant glow to the skin. The Clarisonic is my FAVORITE tool for facial exfoliation. For the body, I love gentle scrubs like the Brown Sugar Body Polish, which removes dead skin cells without stripping the skin of moisture. Oh, and don't forget the lips! Exfoliate them at least once a week with a lip scrub (a warm washcloth will also do the trick), and follow with an intensive lip balm.

I can’t believe how many people my age don’t use moisturizer on a daily basis. This boggles my mind because it’s so important for your skin health. Don’t just pick up a cheap, off-brand. Do your research and invest in some high-quality products that will truly benefit your skin type. You will be happy you splurged on those products!


Make sure your moisturizer and face products contain SPF in them so that you’re well protected from the sun. Even when it’s not summer, we need to protect our skin from UV exposure pretty much all the time. If you say yes to sunscreen now, your skin will look much younger down the road and you'll be protecting yourself from sun damage that can cause serious problems later in life.


No explanations. Just don't do it. Stop examining your pores in a magnifying mirror, stop picking, stop finding blemishes that aren't really there. Just stop.Proper pimple and acne acre is one of the most important tips to get fair and glowing skin. It is very tempting to pop pimples if you pop the zits it will only result in scars, redness and inflammation. The infected material will be pushed further into the skin, causing more pimples! The inflammations in the dermis (inner layer of the skin) and epidermis (outer layer of the skin) are called blemishes.


If you notice acne forming on your face, immediately apply tea tree oil over it. Tea tree oil will provide a soothing sensation besides correcting the spot quickly and effectively. After a few hours, you will notice that the spot is either faded completely or has squeezed marginally. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is one of the best tea tree oil formulations to treat the problem.

Applying skin care products isn't something to be taken lightly. The order in which you put them on does make a difference, so the general rule of thumb is to go from lightest product to heaviest. At night after you've removed makeup and cleansed, spritz with a toner or face mist, then apply serums. They're the thinnest products and contain the active ingredients that need to get deep into skin to do their job. Next up is an antioxidant, followed by moisturizer and finally oil (oils can penetrate moisturizers, but not vice versa). Finish with an eye cream. Also remember to wait a beat between applying different layers as each needs some time to really sink in.

Between texting, swiping, getting tossed into your bag, falling on the ground ... You should realize how dirty your phone is and how that gross bacteria will find its way onto your skin. Every time you answer the phone or touch your face after texting, you transfer acne-causing bacteria onto your precious skin. Invest in some organic antibacterial wipes or make a phone-safe cleaner yourself. Just please, please, please remember to clean that phone at least once a week.


Remember what we just talked about regarding your phone? Same goes for your pillowcase. Even if you're cleansing your face right before bed every single night, your pillow is still going to accumulate dirt, sweat, and grime. Even better than just making sure to change them frequently? Investing in pillowcases made from natural fibers, as these materials breathe better and transfer less oil.


Many conventional hair care products can cause breakouts on your face, shoulders, and back because the chemicals and oils in the products will build up over time and clog pores. And anything that foams or suds probably contains sulfates, which are highly irritating to people with sensitive skin. Opt for hair care with natural ingredients and think about cutting down to only washing your hair every few days. Not only will you use less product, your hair and scalp will get healthier because you're not stripping them of the natural oils they need to be shiny, bouncy, and happy.

When you're towel-drying your hair post-shower, make sure you've got a second towel on hand for your body and face. Even though your hair is clean, oils from your scalp and any shampoo and conditioner residue on your strands can transfer to a towel. If you then use that towel to dry your face, you're asking for a breakout.

Acne is your body's way of communicating that there's something wrong internally. That pimple on your forehead? You might be having liver issues. A breakout near your chin? A hormone imbalance is probably to blame. If you know what part of your face corresponds with issues in various organs and areas of your body, you can more readily treat the breakout at its source.You can check out my face mapping post here.

If you can make it a daily routine and take care of your skin every day, you can be sure to reap the fruit of your hard work. Your skin will look flawless and shiny, even as you age.

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