Face Mapping: What Your Skin Says About Your Health

 Today I would be talking about Face mapping. Face mapping is based on the principle that your skin reflects the internal health, and that how certain parts of your face are connected to other internal areas of body. Having a better understanding of the possible internal causes is a good place to start when trying to tackle any facial skin issue, especially one that is persistent or reoccurring.  Here are 10 areas your face may be breaking out or experiencing an issue, and what they say about your health.



-Problems with digestion
-Small intestine and liver issues
-Irregular sleep
-Stress & anxiety
-Over-consumption of sugar
-Buildup of toxins
-Hair products/ hats & bangs

Breakouts across the forehead are often related to the digestive system. This could be caused by high amounts of fat in your diet. eating less sugary and processed foods and drinking a lot of water to help flush out toxins. The forehead has a high concentration of oil glands on the face, so try tea tree oil as a spot treatment to prevent and treat blemishes. Tea tree oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties that work to destroy acne without stripping the skin of its natural oils.If you are prone to acne in this area, your shampoo and conditioner may contain ingredients and chemicals that are irritating to your skin, which can make your acne worse. Try switching to a natural shampoo and conditioner that is gentle on the skin


Might mean: impaired kidney function
Under eyes that are dark and/or puffy are often related to your kidneys. This could be caused by stress and dehydration. Increasing water intake will help because your kidneys love water, and being dehydrated can cause stress hormones to elevate. Also try to avoid caffeine and salt,such as adding more spices to your food and making sure to chew your food well. 

If you only get dark/puffy under eyes after a night of partying or when you don't get enough sleep, try a green tea compress. The caffeine in green tea will help to get rid of the puffiness. Green tea is also loaded with antioxidants, which are beneficial to the skin.

Steep two bags of green tea and then chill overnight in the fridge
Place the steeped and chilled green tea bags over your eyes
Leave on for 10 minutes


-Poor lymphatic circulation (The circulation of a clear fluid called lymph collects such unwelcome substances as bacteria, fatty acids, and interstitial fluid from organs and tissues, while simultaneously transporting white blood cells and other immune cells to wherever harmful invading cells are found, so that they may be destroyed.)
-A diet high in fat and/ or processed foods
-Gallbladder issues
-Hair products


Between eyebrows, right side
Might mean: repressing emotions in your liver

It’s apparent to most that deep seated anxiety would cause your lovely face to wrinkle up, but understanding the line pattern can help you understand where you might be holding stress and which of your organs may consequently be most at risk. If you have a vertical line between your eyebrows on the right side, it indicates you're repressing emotions — especially anger — in your liver.

Between eyebrows, left side

Might mean: repressing emotions in the spleen
A line on the left side indicates that emotions are likely penned up in the spleen.


Might mean: joint problems, intestinal issues, thyroid problems
Eyes can be particularly telling: Small irises point to joint problems and an increased whiteness in the iris can indicate that joints are in a degenerative state. A spotty iris can mean poor nutrient absorption in the intestine. If you observe a light ring around the iris, cut back on your sugar and salt intake as this indicates that you have an excess of both. A yellowish color in the eye can indicate a weak liver.


-Poor diet
-Gastrointestinal imbalance
-Peeling skin can indicate poor blood circulation

The nose is closely related to your circulatory system, so if you find yourself breakout out there, it might indicate a blood pressure issue. Up the amounts of essential fatty acids in your diet (avocado, flax, olive oil), and avoid coffee and spicy foods.


Might mean: slow metabolism, low absorption of nutrients, lung issues

Patchiness or discoloration on the cheeks can indicate poor metabolism and low absorption of nutrients, such as folic acid and iron.
Breakouts on the cheeks are related to the respiratory system. Smoking or breathing polluted air can cause breakouts in this area and consider breathing exercises.. Try increasing your exposure to fresh air and going for long walks outdoors. Breakouts on the cheeks are often made worse by things touching your face, such as your hands, cell phone and pillowcase. Wipe down your cell phone with a moist baby wipe regularly, and change your pillowcase every day to avoid transferring oils back and forth from your pillowcase


-Lung issues
-Diet high in sugar
-Stomach issues
-Dirty cell phone / pillow / makeup brushes
-Makeup/ product allergy


-Liver issues
-Body struggling to absorb nutrients
-Stomach issues
-Dirty cell phone / pillow / makeup brushes
-Makeup/ product allergy


-Constipation / irregular bowels
-High consumption of fried food
-Hair removal / bleaching
-Tiny whiteheads above the lip can mean ovulation

Your lower lip can provide key insights into the functioning of your intestines. Browns spots can mean you may be suffering from indigestion and poor enzyme function, as well as a possibility of parasites or worms in the lower intestine. Adding more probiotics to your diet may help.

Pale lips are often the first sign of anemic onset, so increase your intake of leafy greens and other iron-rich foods. If you’re noticing a distinct bluish tinge on your lips, it may indicate poor oxygen absorption — possibly even a heart condition — and if you’re experiencing breathlessness that goes with it, you definitely want to follow up with your doctor. Finally, discoloration on the lower lip could indicate a possible disorder in the intestines, while discolorations on the edges of your lips may indicate a kidney issue.

10. CHIN & JAW 

-Hormonal imbalance
-Gynecological issues
-Product / makeup allergy
-Hair removal / bleaching
-Resting chin on hand
-Pimples under the face/ chin can indicate kidney imbalance

Breakouts on the chin and jawline are often related to hormones and the menstrual cycle for women. Although there is little that can be done to prevent the few blemishes that show up once a month in this area, plenty of exercise and clean healthy eating is always good.

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