6 MustTry Braided Updo's

Today's post is about hairstyles.Braided hairstyles look great for just about any occasion. They
are relatively easy to do once you get the hang of it, and braids can be a great way to make your hair look special without taking up too much time.The best part about braids? They're perfect for adding hair accessories to. If you're looking for a new way to wear your hair, give one of these braided crown styles a try!

1. A Braided Crown


The beauty of this style is that it works on short hair and long hair, offering up an elegance fit for a formal gathering. And the best part is that it’s way easier to put together than it looks.
- Form two low ponytails.
- Braid each ponytail separately and secure them both with elastic hair ties.
- Take one braid up and over, securing it close to the forehead.
- Do the same with the remaining braid, and fasten it behind the other.

2. The Lobster Tail

This style actually does resemble a lobster.Sounds weird? Maybe, It doesn’t even require braiding skills, so it’s ideal for a novice. Depending on the occasion, the lobster tail can be as deconstructed or as neat as you like. . Here's a foolproof video to help you on your way.tutorial

3. A Chain Braid


This braid will give you a messy modern look that’s still chic and festive.
- Start by curling your hair a little to help your braid appear fuller, and then lightly tease it.
- Grab hold of the top section of your hair, as you would to prep for a half-up hairdo.
- Split that top section into two more sections.
- Loop those two sections in a shoelace-like tie.
- Continue to knot by adding in more strands, as you would with a French braid.
- Secure the end with an elastic hair tie.
- Loosen the knots to give a tousled finish.
Or check out the tutorial by luxyhair here.

4. The Infinity Braid


If you’re a braid junkie and you want to get a little more complex, try your hand at this seemingly-endless style.
- Separate your hair into three sections: middle, left and right.
- French braid either the left or right side and secure.
- Form regular braids with the leftover sections and secure.
- Turn the center regular braid into a bun and secure.
- Loop the French-braided section around the bun, starting underneath, and secure.
- Loop the final braided around the bun as well, but start by going over, rather than under.

5. A Braided Bun Updo

This is a classy, French-braided bun that's really perfect for all occasions. It gives you the perfect balance of elegance and sass. 
Flip your head upside down and start a traditional french braid from the nape of your neck. Braid until you get to the center of your head, where you want your bun to go. Twist into a bun and you’re done!

6.Mohawk French Braid

This is definitely the edgiest one on our list and certainly makes a statement.
- Create a basic french braid down the back of the head. Make sure to start the braid at the very front of the top hairline and keep your add-in sections small and precise for best results. Secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic.

- Starting at the end of the braid, begin to pull the edges apart. This will widen and flatten the braid.

- Once you have loosened up the braid, work your way down one side of the weave, pulling the edges out farther as you go. Start at the top and work your way down. This will create the hawk part of your hair.

- Once your hawk is created, take the end of the braid and twist it loosely. And then wrap it into a secure bun at the nape of the neck. Now you can pin your bun into place with bobby pins.

Try out a few of these hairstyles to give your look an extra hint of celebratory glam!
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