Best Foundation Brushes for Liquid Foundations

Have you ever wondered which foundation brush is best with the type of foundation you use?

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying you have to use a brush, but if you ever wanted to, there are certain brushes that will work better with certain kinds of foundation.
So,lets see which brush works for what sort of coverage.
When choosing the right tool to apply foundation, the main aspect to take in consideration is the coverage we want to achieve.


The stippling brush is a great tool for women who are looking to get an airbrushed finish with their foundation. A stippling brush does just that — it stipples, which means to dot. Dotting on your foundation makes for a smooth, more diffused finish as opposed to rubbing or brushing with a stiff foundation brush.
For medium to sheer coverage and a dewy skin texture use a round optical fibre brush stippling brush and buff the foundation on to the skin in circular movements, until the product disappears giving a luminous finish.’


To get a more flawless finish I would use a buffing brush and apply the foundation in circular motions all over my face.’It buffs liquid or mousse foundation into the skin flawlessly, leaving the skin perfectly covered. Due to the style of the brush, it ensures that you apply just the right amount of product and your skin will not get cakey in the way you might find with a sponge. The bristles massage the product around the skin so that no area is left more covered than another. A nice fluffy brush like this one is also perfect for dusting loose or pressed powder all over your face. you can also Use it to set liquid foundation, or to simply wear loose/powder foundation.


A foundation brush with a flat top can be used with liquid or cream foundation. It's great for buffing foundation into your skin. This will ensure an even application and help your foundation look like it's a bit more natural instead of "sitting on top of your skin."It will give you the most coverage and allow you to blend the foundation in seamlessly.
THE kabuki foundation brush is ideal for moderate to full coverage of liquids, creams, bronzers and powders for your face. Also, it can be used as a blush brush.

Many people opt to use makeup sponges over brushes.And if you are confused which one should you chose,between a sponge and a brush. Check out my comparison of Beauty Blender Vs A brush post here.
So,which brush would you choose for a flawless coverage?

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