DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

   Makeup Brushes are essential for a proper make up application, its cleanliness is also equally important. And the more I love all my makeup brushes I’m always more concerned about them to be clean and hygienic. There are a whole lot of store bought makeup brush cleaners available. Cinema Secret is brush cleaner my favorite. But there is another one version which is also one of my favorites and it’s also easy to create at home, and includes some of the very basic ingredients which you can easily pull out of your kitchen and use. So, now…

You will need
     - Extra Virgin Olive oil – 1 Part

      -  Apple Cider Vinegar – 2 Parts

  - Any regular liquid Dish soap (I love the lemon fragrant) – 3 Parts

So, how to make it…
  Mix all these three ingredients in equal parts. The soap gets rids of all the makeup residue over the brushes...The Vinegar is important to kill bacteria that might be lurking in your brush bristles, and the olive oil helps to condition your brushes to feel soft once again after they dry up.

   You should clean your brushes biweekly to once a month if you use them sparingly, while a weekly wash will be good and hygienic if you use them frequently. Cleaning your brushes will not only ensure keeping your skin safe from zits it also makes your brushes lasts longer.