Today,I would be taking about my favorites in my favorite brand of makeup i.e MAC cosmetics.
MAC has quite a big range of cosmetics like lipsticks, eye shadows, base, primer, face mist, mascara, foundation etc. That's a lot of makeup, isn't it?
So here are a few things I think everyone should have or at least try.

Mac does some of my most favorite foundations.
-The trio of the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, concealer and powder come together to give you the most FLAWLESS base which will stay put throughout the day.It controls oil, full coverage and photographs amazingly.If you are an oily skin no wonder you wont fall in love with this foundation.I’ve noticed that everything seems to stay in place better when I’m using this than when I use other brands.
- Pro long wear liquid I LOVE this foundation for a lighter coverage. As an oily girl I could wear it with no time to touch up in a day, it is the best i have found to not only keep me fresh looking but withstand my annoying oily skin .It is a medium coverage but can be easily build up to a full. The foundation does dry quickly so you will have to be really fast with the application.
-Studio Sculpt is the one  if you are dry skin prefer the dewier finish of the  The coverage of this foundation is great, but it still looks natural and you won’t get a line on your chin.
-Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.This powder foundation can give you anywhere from sheer to full coverage. I find that I can pile it on and not look cakey, it won't wear off throughout the day,amazing product!
- "Face and Body" foundation.Another dewy skin option.This product is super-hydrating, easy to apply, It has a light-to-medium coverage, and is easily build-able. It Also works as a beautiful lightweight foundation. It doesn't look cakey at all, even with a powder on top! It has a dewy finish, but can easily be made matte with any powder.

-MAC Prolongwear Concealers– This concealer lasts all day. It also offers super-high coverage, so if you have discoloration Covers dark circles and even the nastiest pimples like a dream, sits comfortably on the face and doesn’t look cakey or overdone despite its thick consistency. It is one of those concealers that needs to be set, so make sure you have a good translucent powder on hand.I wear one (Nc20) to give my under eyes a bright, awake appearance.
-Select Moisture cover Concealer  would be the one if your looking for something more hydrating . The formula is super creamy and hydrating, it covers nicely and it doesn’t settle or turn splotchy throughout the day.

While there are many brush brands on the market, I turn to MAC for these makeup accessory must-haves, as they are high quality, long lasting, and make the makeup application process simple. below are few of my must haves.

- 217 Brush,
A densely packed synthetic oval blending brush that takes away all the trouble out of blending eye-shadow on the lids.
-239 Brush,
 A basic flat eye shadow brush with a rounded edge and synthetic bristles; it’s quite firm, so it’s perfect for packing a lot of color on the lids,
-219 Pencil Brush
If you want to get a precise, flawless cut crease or smudge out your eyeliner, the 219 Pencil Brush fits the bill. If you love thick eyeliner but hate the harsh, sharp line it makes, use this brush to smoke it out and make it appear more natural.
-266 Small Angled Brush
This is your must have brush for gel liner!!! Anyone and everyone who has never used gel liner should instantly get out there and get some. I love using this with Mac Fluid line liner Blacktrack. Its also a great brush to have to define the brows with any powder or deposit any shadow you might want to use as a liner underneath the lower lash line!!
-224 Tapered Eye blending brush
The large fluffy fibers allow you easily blend out any harsh lines that may make your shadow appear to bold.. blending out the colors and transitioning from light to dark is the most common issue I see in everyones makeup.. This brush will solve that problem no problem
-187 Duo Fibre Face Brush
the brush that can help. It has a large full circular head that applies foundations, tinted moisturizers, and cream products flawlessly.
-129 Powder/Blush Brush
It is a versatile makeup accessory that serves more than one purpose. It can be used to apply your face or finishing powder, and it can also be used to add some colored blush to the apples of your cheeks.
I will do a seperate most more detailed.

-Blot Powder  is an absolute must for anyone who gets even the slightest bit oily.Use it to control shine or to set your foundation or to absorb the oil on your lids/cheeks/chin/t-zone before putting on other makeup.It's jet-milled (tiny, tiny particles) silica and mica with only 3% pigment, so it's not going to change the color of your skin or the makeup you layer it over.
- MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is the one for a more dewy effect oily or dry skin try . A mineral powder that not only beautifully sets your makeup, but also provides a touch of extra coverage. I even notice that it makes my pores appear much smaller and the face looks like a perfect china doll after each application. I use a shade that matches my skin-tone called “Light Plus”.

The point of highlighers isnt turning into a light ball. You use a fan brush to put a tiny bit over your pan, and swipe your finger through the powder and deposit it down the center of your nose and cheeks. These are things you may not and you should not notice until you move your face, and especially when you take a photo. It’s an easy step that makes you look bright and dewey and healthy. I love soft and gentle and lightscapde.
Soft and Gentle actually one of the best (and prettiest) highlighters you can buy.I was so impressed by how perfect this highlight is; it's subtle, but just enough to add this ethereal shimmer to the high points of your face. It adds no other color to your face, contrary to how the product looks. Try this if you're looking for the ideal universal highlighter.

6.MAC FIX PLUS                         
MAC’s Fix+ spray is no joke. It helps to make you face feel fresh, creates a smooth non-cakey foundation application, and helps to make your makeup budge proof as well as give you a dewy finish. You can even spray your brush before applying a product to make the color more opaque, and to give it a more long-lasting and natural effect. . It reduces redness on the face and decreases the skin’s sensitivity. It also hydrates the skin and restores its lost moisture. It gives a natural look and makes your skin look hydrated. However, it won’t fix your makeup that well, as it is more a skin care product.You can read my detail review on here ,https://goo.gl/XKgl4u

7. EYESHADOWS                       
MAC eye shadows will remain my favorite out of all the brands I've tried so far.Regarding the overall quality, they got almost everything:– an insane shade choice (144 eyeshadows in the permanent collection),a perfect pigmentation , the “blendability”, the lasting power
A FEW shades to check out carbon,nylon,vanilla,woodwinked,espresso,embark,amberlights,indian ink,cranberry,all that glitters,

Where do I even begin? So many colors. So many finishes. They offer something for everyone whether you want vibrant matte lips or just a sheer wash of creamy color. I have so many of these and have basically started a collection because I am just always so impressed.
I would recommend two must buys
Velvet teddy
This is literally just a taupe lip stick, but it looks amazing when I am pale in the winter or tanned in the summer. I especially love it for fall, and summer evenings. It is creamy, matte, and lasts for ages. It does not wear into that awkward lip stick line, or in the corners of your mouth (Yuck!). This is my favourite lip stick shade from Mac.
Ruby Woo
This is THE red lipstick, ladies. Lipstick lovers adore it and it is soft enough that even girls who don’t regularly wear lipstick can pull it off.
For an indepth of all the finishes/colours that MAC you can check out my Ultimate Guide to MAC lipstick finishes here.  https://goo.gl/6cAs33

Dramatic cat eyes to smudged out smokey eyes, MAC’s black track gel eyeliner is a favorite among pros, and with good reason. It’s versatile, lasts forever, and incredibly easy to apply. This will take your eyeliner game to the next level. It’s a pot of eyeliner liquid, essentially, and use can use a skinny brush to use it for the easiest, most sweat-proof winged eyeliner ever.

The Paint Pot is a creamy dries-to-powderish goodness eyeshadow that many people use as an eye primer. It can help you neutralize your lid color (hides veins or discolorations), and since it's long-wearing and creaseproof it's PERFECT as a base to other eye colors. Lay this down first, then press powder shadows on top - color is closer-to-true and holds on like anything.I personally like “SOFT OCRE"


Whether it’s their mineralize blushes, pro blushes, or cream blushes, I’m hooked. They all blend gorgeously and give the cheeks a stunning skin-like sheen. I prefer shimmer blushers over mattes, I have been loving their mineralize blush in the shade “Dainty” for a lovely coral sheen on the cheeks.. next would be spring sheen. It's a semi-sheer sexy pinky-peach with a shimmery - but not chunky-glittery- sheen. Since it has a bit of pink (cool) and a bit of peach (warm) it works on cool or warm skins and with whatever look you pick for eyes and cheeks. I like this better than that other pinky-peach, NARS Orgasm, which just isn't as versatile as Springsheen, despite its cult following. By the way, darker complected lassies can surely wear Springsheen - it works great! Though if you love mattes,melba is a perfect colour gives a slight flush and yet natural.

MAC does some of the best lip liners out there once they are they are there... one neutral must have shade is soar... and the pro longwear range is gel based and super long lasting.This lipliner's unique colour, durability, texture speak for itself

It is brow gel creme that is perfect for defining and shaping the brows, it stays up 8-10 hours. if Anastasia dip brow seemed too dark or too hard to work for you check this one out... amazing lasting power and smoother than abh.

14.EYE PENCILS                               
Everyone needs a good black eye pencil, and my pick for a basic black is Smolder. This Eye Kohl wears pretty well (though may not hold-up in the waterline) and can be dotted on between the lashes for a natural look, slicked on the lashline, and smudge if desired. and if you like more natural and subtle shade try out Teddy Eye Pencil: Brown is the new black! The teddy eye pencil is a beautiful true brown shade with flecks of gold that is guaranteed to make darker eyes stand out. It is a staple in any make up kit and is perfect for an effortless ,subtle smudged liner.

I LOVE the MAC pigments. They are so fun to play with and when you find a color you really like, you can try it a bunch of different ways. The pigments are multi-use so you can use them for eyeshadow, or mix in with your lipstick or dot them on top of your eyeliner. I’ve even seen people mix MAC pigments into nail polish. MAC pressed pigments– These pack all the power of a loose pigment but in a convenient, no-fuss pressed form. The sheen and brilliance of these is like no other and this is truly a unique product. I love the versatility of their use most of all. Pack it on dry for high shine or apply wet and get a completely different, intense wet metallic look.

An exfoliator addict here. And I can’t recommend this exfoliator highly enough. I love Origins’ Modern Friction as that one is a bit more gentle on the skin, but when you NEED to feel really clean, you need the volcanic ash exfoliator. I’ve tried every exfoliating scrub in the book, and none of them get as deep as this one. check out my instagram post here. https://goo.gl/ylgCpw

17.Prep + Prime LIP PRIMER
Its is a staple in my makeup kit .I wear it every time I use a liquid lipstick,this eliminates the flaky feel many liquid lipsticks have, It's a solid, twist-up product that is meant to condition your lips and help the lipstick you put on top of it look good and look beautiful. It minimizes feathering and contains Vitamin E and antioxidants. But most of all, it works! There's a trick to getting nice long wear: put it on and let it set (do something else for awhile) before slicking on the lipstick. AMAZING WEAR WILL ENSUE!

Mac STROBE CREAM is a awesome product for dry skin beauties!! It is a highlighter but can also be used as moisturiser and mix it with foundation for a dewy finish and glowy look. I strongly don't recommend this to oily skin girls, combination skin can try it before you buy this. This cream makes oily skin to produce more oil and when used as base for foundation as moisturiser, oh god it makes skin very oily like disco ball, ha ha! It makes face look dull. But for DRY skin girls it is a GREAT product to use. First it is a great moisturiser with loaded anti oxidants which is really good and beneficial for skin, it has the ingredients what skin needs daily. It has the iridescent particles which makes skin brighten and instant glow- mm only for dry skin beauties... Hope I helped a little about the product. I'm oily skin, so I won't buy this strobe cream again. I definitely recommend this to dry skin beauties out there

OK, so it's not makeup, but I consider the Pro Makeup Remover a must--- BIG TIME. This unique formula removes makeup gently and leaves behind NO RESIDUE. Big deal, right? Normal cleansers leave bits of product or oils behind, and that residue erodes any makeup put on top of it. How does this apply to your life? Well, most of us aren't perfect, and keeping a bottle of this lifesaver lets you take off that poorly applied red lipstick or that wobbly eye liner so you can try again right away. It's a huge time-saver. Also ab a bit on a Q-tip or makeup wedge and neaten up your winged liner for sharp perfection!

This beautiful black mascara wears well and actually curls my lashes. The formula is fairly wet.The curl holds all day, no smearing or flaking at all. Lashes remained remarkably soft feeling for looking so curled, too. It removed easily, and is comfortable to wear with contact lenses. The wand has an interesting adjustable twist feature that bends the spoolie, so that it can adjust to even the most rounded eye shapes.

I hope these favorites of mine would help you select what to buy next time your shopping at MAC.

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