The 5 must have lipshades

There’s no other makeup item that can transform your look the way lipsticks do. Every woman needs a few lipstick shades in her vanity, but which ones to choose? There are lipstick shades that will work for almost every occasion and season and virtually every skin tone. While you may have a ton of options for dressing your lips I have rounded up the 5 lipsticks shades you need in order to be ready for any makeup look you choose.


A woman has to have at least one nude lipstick in her make up kit. I think this is the most versatile shade because it's great to use during the day and at night. During daytime a swipe of blush and a nude lipstick for a fresh natural look. At night, a nude lipstick looks best paired with a smokey or colorful eye make up.
Choose the right shade
The right shade of nude will help you achieve that perfect natural glow. To find a nude lipstick that's right for you, match the shade to the center of your bare lip. Avoid nude lipsticks that are way to light for your skin tone. It will make you look sick. Choose shades that are at least a shade darker than your lips. Lean towards nude pinks or tea pinks. Although finding the perfect nude lipstick shade might be more difficult than it sounds, once you find it, you will see how easily it can bring life to your face.


I believe that everyone can rock a red lipstick thus every woman should have one in her vanity. This is the color that will never go out of style. Find the shade that matches your skin tone and you will always have a little something extra you can add to any outfit. This is a lipstick shade that can accompany any look and make you look sophisticated and glamorous instantly.Just fix your hair, and swipe on your favorite red lipstick and you're good to go.
Choose the right shade
It's all in choosing the right shade that matches your skin tone.Whether it's an orange or blue based red, pick your hue and own it.
If you have a cool undertone, opt for red lipsticks with blue undertones. If you have a warm undertone, choose a red lipsticks with orange undertones. To prevent you red lipstick from bleeding out the lines, use a lip liner underneath. And its best choose a matte red lipstick,Because they're less maintenance,last longer and won't bleed.


Every woman should also have at least one pink lipstick in her kit. Pink is the lip color with a hidden agenda. Like red, it can be worn in many different styles.It doesn't have to be a hot pink or a Barbie  kind of pink. A nice soft rosy pink will do. When you feel like looking sweet, a pink lipstick will help you achieve that look. 
Choose the right shade
Choose soft pink or rosy pink shades. They work well for many occasions and skin tones. A subtle rose lipstick can go with almost any skin tone and it can polish any makeup look. To liven up your look or give it a feminine flare, a blush rose lipstick is the right choice. You can even use it as a blush and apply it to your cheeks. A nice coral pink shade can also have a brightening effect on the face. If you want to be a bit adventurous or add a pop of color and freshness to yout look then try out hot pinks and fuchsia pinks, they are perfect for those who shy away from daring red colors yet still want to try on a bold lip color.


Peach is such a lovely color – it’s not bold like red, neither is it fragile like pink. Staying in between both these colors, peach is a very versatile option. No wonder why so many girls love it!.Peach lipsticks give the face an instant glow. It's perfect for daytime and livens up the face. I like pairing my peach lipsticks with a peach blush. Right now the limelight for this color is being stolen by its more electric cousin, orange,Orange is the it color for lipstick right now. True orange, neon orange, sheer orange -- no matter how you wear it, it'll be in style.
A peach lip is not only lively and appropriate at every age, it is one of the most flattering and forgiving shades. It is best worn when the rest of your makeup looks natural (ok, maybe you can rock a dark eye with it as well).
Choose the right shade
If you're fair, a true peach or a light peach will look great on you. If you're on the dusky skin tone choose shades that are more orange-y peach to enhance that natural tan.


Plum, you say? Well, yes -- it's always useful to have a darker, vampy shade of lipstick in your drawer.Plum is your color if you wish to be bold and subtle at the same time. With simple eye makeup, this deep shade on your lips will give a super sexy look with any outfit. drawer.While this hue gets a bad rap for appearing stark against the skin, as long as you’re careful with the rest of your make-up, it’s a perfect way to add a glacial element to your look. this color is great for lending added drama, while still being conservative enough for work.The vampy look is sure to get you noticed.
Choose the right shade
If your skin tone leans more towards fair select a berry/pink based brighter plum,while if you are dusky or deeper skin tone then a red based plum looks amazing.Plum lips are a breeze to pull off. Just keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Two coats of mascara does the trick!

In case you're a lipstick newbie and don't know where to start, these are just a few tips that might help you out. You don't need to have a hundred of lipsticks (I might have gone overboard with my lipsticks) especially of you're on a very tight budget and have other priorities.You just need this 5 shades in your kit and that's it.

 Until next time,
Stay Gorgeous,
Ma'As Salama