I know it’s easier to use blow dryers and hair straighteners to get wavy hair, but exposing your hair constantly to heat will eventually weaken it and damage it. So to keep your hair healthy and strong, try to start using natural ways. Getting wavy hair without using heat is actually very easy.Well, when you are not using any electronic tools for getting curls, you need to invest a little in obtaining the substitute products. There are different methods for getting no heat curls, but the best one, which produce amazing results are listed, you can try to get gorgeous wavy hair without using heat.

Braid your hair before you go to bed, to get wavy hair without using heat. The easiest and fastest way to get wavy hair the next morning is making braids. If you want to have tight wavy hair, then part your hair into two braids. But if you want loose wavy hair, then just make one loose braid. I promise, the next morning you’ll wake up with gorgeous wavy hair.

Twisted side buns are also easy to make, just like side braids. They take like 2 minutes to get done before you go to bed.. This technique will not damage your hair and give you fine waves. For this first wet your hair. Wet hair will give you nice curls. Leave it overnight and next day you will get fine curls.

You can make Bantu knots in the wet hair and get the tighter curls easily. For a great African hair type, this method is used a lot because it’s simple and produces amazing results.
Once complete, allow hair to air dry .Once hair is completely dry, remove bobby pins, unwind Bantu knots, and gently separate hair until desired fullness is reached. For more fullness and bigger hair, lift hair gently at the roots with a wide-tooth comb.

Another way to get luscious curls without heat is headband hairdo. For this technique shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. If your hair is clean then simply wet them.You can use bobby pins to secure the pins. Leave this overnight. Next day carefully unwrap your hair and you will get nice curls. To remove the knots just finger comb them.

It is the most inexpensive type of method which can bring you the best outcome in the form of great bouncy curls. Comb your damp hair thoroughly. Cut any old cloth. into the long stripes. The stripes should be wide, at least 12 inches. After rolling the section secure it on your head. For this tie the stripes.Repeat this with all the sections.
Leave for 4 hours or more then remove the stripes,  and get the best type of loose curls.

If you are in no mood to curl your hair through side buns and braids then simply 
Take out your mum’s hair rollers, because they’re life savers. They give you the most beautiful curls without heating them.  If you want soft curls then use big rollers and for tight curls use small roller curls. Leave the rollers on for 3-4 hours. After the given time unfastens the roller curls and you will get curly hair.

If you wish to get spiral curls than the use of flexible rods is ideal for you. They are extremely user friendly- all you have to do is wrap your hair strand around the rods and pin them up with a bobby pin. Make sure you do the entire thing smoothly so that frizz free hair curls can be obtained. You can wrap both dry and damp hair around the rod and when it over night. If you think the curls are tight enough, you can run fingers down for five minutes and get them loose.

Curlformers are a non-heat based styling product that claims to give you “perfect, spiral curls.” The product is a spiral mesh form that is inserted around your hair using a hook. After your hair is dry and you take the formers out, you are supposed to have beautiful, natural looking, spiral curls. Almost all of Curlformer users say that they’re super easy to use, and their curls always come out perfectly. Users love that this product doesn’t need any heat. It’s really convenient and great for any hair type.

Have you heard of this sock bun? You really can curl your hair in your sleep with a sock. Put your dry hair into a high ponytail. Get it as high on top of your head as you can. I flip my head over and gather the hair to put into a ponytail. Secure the hair with a hair tie.There is no need to secure it with anything else. Now go to sleep and in the morning remove the bun and TA-DA!!! You have a head full of soft pretty curls.

How about another cute no-heat curling technique?This version uses a technique we call Cocooning, yes, cocooning as in a caterpillar turning into a butterfly!Since it uses a knot to, they style only provides curl on the bottom 2/3 of the hair. You might pull the hair up into a hair-wrapped ponytail, which will wonderfully show off those gorgeous curls!.These cocoon curls also last for a few days.

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