How to Shape Eyebrows - in 4 STEPS to Perfect Arch

Creating the perfect shape can definitely be the most difficult part of your quest for better brows. Should you tweeze, wax or thread? If it’s your first time creating the shape of your dreams, I highly recommend visiting an eyebrow specialist…and no, I’m not talking about the women who also do your nails. If you decide to go the DIY route, Keep on reading...BROW ESSENTIALS

To start the shaping process you will need Eyebrow pencil (a very slight shade darker than your natural eyebrow color)
Eyebrow wand
Cuticle scissors

It’s really important to look at your overall facial shape. Here is a chart that helps to give a good idea of face and corresponding brow shapes.

(Image by Tracy Do of


Start off by brushing your eyebrows with a small brush or an old mascara brush. Just make sure to clean the old mascara wand before using it. Comb your brows upward in order to lay all the hair in one direction and smooth it out. If they are long, use the scissors to trim them. Trim no more than 1/4 of their original length! This step can be skipped if you have medium-length, thin or very light-colored brows. Brush eyebrows back to where they started to start shaping them.


Now, you’ll need to determine where your brows should start, end and where the arch should be.In order to define the starting point of your eyebrow, place a pen from the side of your nose, stemming upwards, passing the inner corner of your eye. The pen will hits this is the starting point of your eyebrow. Take a look at the  picture above. LINE “1” shows you where your eyebrow should start.

Next, move to the curves of your eyebrow, which is quite the hardest part to deal with. To determine where your arch should be, take the same pencil and look straight ahead into your mirror. Align the pencil diagonally so that it starts at the corner of your nose, and the other end reaches , right outside of your iris. . The spot where the tweezer intersects your brow This is where your arch should be.Mark it with the eye pencil.See LINE “2” above. When creating your arch, make sure you keep in mind to go for softer arch. Creating too much of an extreme arch will make you look constantly mad or surprised.

To determine where your brow should end, take your pencil, Place it on a diagonal angle against your cheek so that the open end is at the bottom of your nose and the other end reaches the outer, furthest corner of your eye. The spot where the pencil intersects your brow is where the hairs should end. Mark it with the eye pencil See LINE “3.”


Now that you’ve got your dimensions down, it is time to clean of the extra hair! Hold your tweezers at a 45 degree angle ,slanted tip tweezers will probably work best. You have more control and lessen the risk of pinching yourself.. A good tip is to take a white eyeliner pencil , and trace an outline of how you want your brow to look. Then, whatever you do, do not pluck inside the white lines! Go slow, and pull one by one. Make sure to step back several times as you go and look in the mirror from farther away, and at different angles.


Very lightly, fill in the gaps throughout your brow, starting from the line above your nose, to your arch and to the end of your eyebrow. You don’t want to overdraw your brows, just naturally enhance them. So increase the natural curvature of the brow, create a very subtle line and give the end of your brow a natural point.
For an even more enhanced look, add a highlighter beneath your defined brow line alongside your eyeshadow routine. This will add more definition to your eyebrow and pull your eye makeup together.

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