Product Review - MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

My skin has a hate/hate relationship with me. It changes its mind about how well it wants to behave. I get clogged and congested skin. I get buildup. I have found the Clarisonic brush to be a godsend to my congested skin, but there are days when even that isn't enough. On those days... I turn to my MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and it saves my skin!


Ok, so, what's this MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator all about? MAC describes it as,
"A highly effective, dual-purpose, foaming and exfoliating scrub blending natural Volcanic Ash with fine sugar crystals from the islands of Vanuatu. Adds moisture: leaves skin feeling soft and comfortably clean. Mineral-rich. Good for absorbing skin’s natural oils. May be used on any part of face or body. Rinses off with warm water. "

It comes in a transparent Squeeze tube,which makes it way more hygienic
. It comes out like a pitch black, gooey, sugar based scrub. The scent is kind of a mix between burnt sugar and charcoal . The texture isn't runny and spreads easily, the exfoliating beads are not too rough but whilst you are working it into your skin – you know that it is doing its job! The sugar dissolves (if you scrub with water) so the exfoliation is less harsh plus with the regular edges of the sugar crystals you aren't cutting your skin like the scrubs do with nuts or shells in it, because of the irregular edges. 

When you apply it to your skin, it forms a small amount of lather. Well, anything you wash off your face quickly isn't going to help with blemishes, that's why I leave it on for a few minutes before scrubbing & rinsing. As far as cleansing goes, you only need a little to get this up to a gray soapy lather. While it rinses clean and no black residue remains.


When applied to the skin,the soothing clay lifts, firms and exfoliates, resulting in a revitalized and more youthful complexion. It also has the unique ability to draw out toxins and impurities from deep within the pores. This exfoliate does a great job at sloughing off the dead skin and tiny whiteheads, and it doesn't give me that tight, itchy feeling afterwards. Every time I use it, my skin feels amazing noticeably smoother, brighter and the results last for more than 2 days.Even my makeup, goes on even smoother. I use this once or twice week after removing all of my makeup.I’d suggest using this no more than 3x a week.
Pros :
-Exfoliates well using sugar and silica
-Absorbs facial oils without making my skin feel stripped
-Skin feels refreshed and brighter
- Not for people with problematic skin,It may be a bit harsh, since the little beads or crystals of sugar and silicone are kinda.. not so small
-You find the scents bothersome

- This product is MESSY

Price and amount : This is priced at 28 USD ,its for around 150SAR in Saudi Arabia as I recall, and you get 100 mL of product.

Availability: This is available at all MAC outlets.

Rating :

Overall this is definitely a product that I would recommend; it completely works for my skin and is a product that I will definitely continue to re-purchase.
Have you tried this product? What is your favourite facial scrub? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know your thoughts! in the comment

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Until next time,
Stay Gorgeous,
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