MAKEUP TIP: Eye shadow Foiling

   Metallic eye shades always add more oomph to the look. And anyone can achieve the same steely effect from eye shades just using regular shimmer eye shades. The regular shimmer eye shadow color can be intensified by simply damping your eye shadow brush with a makeup fixing spray like 
Mac Fix+ before dipping the brush into the pan. This technique is called foiling.
And if you don’t have any makeup spray handy you can always turn to eye drops, the result won’t be as vibrant as with the use of a makeup fixative but the technique will work. Do not use water as water will evaporate and you will be left with just chalky mess.

   Make sure you don’t dip the wet brush straight in the pan to prevent the eye shade consistency from ruining, take out a bit separately to try foiling out. This technique can also be used on pressed eye shadows, pigments for more intense effect and even matte eye shadows to intensify their colors.