Evian Facial Spray Review

Ever Heard of Evian’s Mineral Water Spray? Yes its by the Evian bottled water you’re thinking of, but its a facial mist they have. I read the rave reviews online & decided to buy it & I’m so glad i did.

A delightful cool mist to rehydrate skin and revive makeup. This powerful cleansing mist removes perspiration, harmful salt, or chlorine. It instantly soothes and rehydrates sun-burned or wind-chapped skin, leaving you with a beautiful, radiant complexion. Spray your desired amount to keep makeup fresh and replenish much needed moisture.
Formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens,Sulfates,Phthalates

The packaging of this product is really nice, sleek, and has a high-end feel to it. The spray comes in a recyclable aluminum white aerosal can and has an regular aerosol can type of nozzle with the Evian logo and a translucent pink cap. It contains pure, natural mineral water with a totally unique mineral complex and a neutral 7.2 pH. Because the pH of this spray is very compatible with the human body and it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It's dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.
How to use it:
Keep the canister 9-12 inches from your face and spray until the mist is dripping. Let it absorb into your skin then pat away excess with a towel.
When using with makeup (i.e. setting spray) keep 9-12 inches from your face and apply a light mist in a circular motion all over the face. Just enough to have that dewy glaze all over the face.


Evian Facial Spray has been one of my staple products in my skincare/beauty routine for the last few years. So, what do I use this for?I spray this on my skin as soon as I wake up to refresh my skin. It's really hydrated and feels so nice. If I'm using a makeup brush to apply my foundation or concealer, I'll use this spray to wet the brush. It helps the foundation to blend easier and more smoothly, and you'll use less foundation but get the same coverage,Even if you want to contour the face, that works so well with the Blender. Another way to use the Evian Facial Spray is to spray it on after you apply your makeup. It doesn't hurt your makeup, it helps to refresh it, set it and hydrate your skin underneath the makeup. I've also used this to wet my eyeshadow brushes when working with less pigmented shadows. This helps to intensify them .Or to quickly cool down while on the go or post workout.
This is a great multi-tasking productA great way to calm skin that is irritated, parched, tight, or overly sensitive. Ideal during the summer for after sun exposure , it revives and cools stressed skin.It helps enhance the effectiveness of all moisturizers and any skin care regimen.

Would I recommend it?
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this spray, but now I really, really love it!
I’d highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a little refreshment for your skin throughout the day. I can see why other bloggers and YouTubers I follow rave about this spray now for sure. this stuff lasts forever. I’ve been using the 5 ounce for over a year and I still have over half a can left. Also, this stuff does have an expiration date (listed at the bottom of the can) so beware of that.Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Price: $15 for 10.1oz/$10 for 5oz/ $6 for 1.7oz (also comes in sets)
Available at evianspray.com, as well as Nordstrom.com , drugstore.com, ulta.comand Sephora.com.
For even more tips on the use of Evian Facial Spray you can Evian on Facebook here visiting.
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