Fall Nail Polish Trends

Fall has officially started, which means fall trends are ready to mix into our wardrobes today! Starting small, let’s talk: Nails. Last year we had pastel colors and ombre nails, so what can we expect this year? Bold and bright; perfect for class, work, or a night out. Read below for current nail trends.

1. Dark Hues
The dark shade looks sophisticated on any skin tone. This color looks great on all skin tones and jumps between all types of fashion.And when it has a high gloss finish they look even more chic.Colors to look for are Oxblood,Navy blue, smoked lavender, and crimson red.

2. Metallic

Metallics are going to be a huge trend for fall, especially metallic colors that look almost multi-faceted.Use plums,deep blue,purples for a i bold statement Or if Feeling iffy about this bold statement, try out a silver or gold gliter nail polish.OPI Glitzerland is an amazing metallic glittery shade that flatters universally over all skin tones.

3. Matte

Though Glossy Nail Paints are f my personal favorites,but when I want a more subtle yet chic finish to my overall look or just want to intensify a deep nail shade, i just transform it to a matte finish.Dress your nails up in this trend for a finished velvet look. Find as a colored nail polish or as a top coat for the colors you currently have!O.P.I Matte Top Coat is an excellent choice to transform your current glossy nail paints to matte.

4. 3D

3D Studs and nail arts are making their way onto nail beds this fall, say it metallic,pearly but if wearing metal on your fingertips makes you a little uneasy, try a more subtle 3D look. Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat is a great balance that also leaves an interesting texture on your nails.that also leaves an interesting texture on your nails.Velvet Coated Nails also look awesome in this season especially in dark shades.

5. Nude

There's no easier way to look pretty and polished (no pun intended!) than adding some nude nail polish to your look. Instantly class up any ensemble or just use it as a manicure in a bottle. Nude colors mask nail imperfections, letting your nails shine like they should.Always a closet staple. Butter London Nail Lacquer in shade Yummy Mummy is quite a universal flattering shade.

Stay Gorgeous,
Ma'As Salama