The Body Shop Oils of Life Skincare Series Review

Today im reviewing The Oils Of Life range from The Body Shop
It claims to freshen the skin, restore nutrition ,revive radiance and minimize any signs of ageing.can be used at any age, as long as it fits your needs and skin type. Well, a fresh radiant skin we naturally want it all!.Let see if its worth it

The series revolves around three cold-pressed seed oils By using cold pressed oils from the seeds, they are using the most powerful part of the plant and retaining their nutrients.
The three oils which has been chosen:
Black Cumin Seed Oil – Known for its concentration in antioxidants, from the Egyptian Nile valley.
Camelia Seed Oil – Naturally rich in nutritive oleic acids, from the evergreen trees of China.
Rosehip Seed Oil – Rich in Omega 3 and 6, from the Andes foothill of Chile.

The first thing I noticed about the Oils of Life collection is that The Body Shop has suddenly upped their packaging game. Everything about Oils of Life screams luxury from the stylish white embossed boxes and gold labels to the dark glass jars and heavenly scented product inside.The smell of spice hits immediately in this range. That'll be the cumin seed oil used in the ingredients, mixed with rosehip seed oil and camellia seed oil.


The line is a 3-step regimen, starting with an Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion. Followed by a facial oil and the final step of a gel-cream or a richer cream.

  The name can be a little deceiving because it's not a lotion at all, but a water/oil combo liquid that you'd use in the place of a toner.The first product is a totally new product for The Body Shop . It is a powerful oil blend which is processed in a unique two-phase oil (oil + water, bi-phase). This oil is used after cleansing your face and for everyday use . The lotion must immediately provide visible results, while the skin is prepared for the next steps in your skin care ritual.The oil-in-water formula is suitable for all skin types and leaves no greasy residue.

I find that the lotion gives a delightfully fresh feeling, it will come through the water is incorporated. My skin instantly felt nice and soft, but did not stick. I think that's a big plus .The smell is pretty spicy. I didn't had any break out issue yet.I would recommend this product to people who don't want to put the concentrated oil onto their face.can be a good option for oily and combo skin, as I feel like my skin did get extra hydration ,which is good once in a while and also my cream is absorbed easily.

Next up is the Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil.OK I have oily skin and im afraid of facial oils as I mostly get acne with them.But this one despite the large concentration of oil stated still feels very lightweight and non-greasy compared to a lot of my other face oils,
It absorbs quickly into my skin and smells wonderful delicious warming and spicy .My skin is calm, smooth, balanced and has an extra glow. I use a facial oil preferably in the evening despite the nourishing ingredients ,over dry skin it can also be worn during the day. It applies smoothly into, leaves no sticky or greasy residue and gives a beautiful and natural glow to the skin.You have about 2-4 drops of this oil needs, which I then dab into my skin. One could just use it to massage.Dry skin beauties this is a must try.

This facial oil for daily use designed to diminish the signs of aging, skin should look healthier, firmer, and more radiance after frequent use. I'm hoping this facial oil will give my complexion a boost and leave my skin looking more radiant and hydrated. This facial oil is suitable for everyday use and even suitable for sensitive skin. This product contains 99% natural oils and is nice and economical.

The face cream helps to encapsulate Essence Lotion and Serum oil in the skin and give your skin maximum support during the night while the underlying products seem. Similar to the other products in the line, the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream contains the three seed oils. alongwith Glycerin, Olive Oil and Shea Butter and with perfecting micro-pearls effortlessly absorbs into the skin, leaving a light finish without a greasy feel. Instantly upon applying this cream the skin feels intensely moisturized, nourished, more supple, and way smoother and soft than before.

This is by far the thickest product in the line, and I would recommend that one should gravitate towards this product if you suffer from more dry skin. This product should be applied morning and/or evening and a pea sized amount is all you will need for the entire face and neck area.Aside from the strong scent that takes a while to get used to this is a must try for those who have dry skin troubles.

Finally, the last product in the range is the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream. This is the sister to the above cream, however it has a much lighter.You can choose a cream or a gel cream. The gel cream is the lighter version of the cream .It also contains the oil blend combined with insightful micro pearlescent particles.Even people with oily skin need moisture, and this lightweight formula is a great place to start. I tried this pot first as it was described as a 'lighter, fresher alternative' to the cream. And I'll stick to this one.

My skin struggles with any heavy, greasy products so this sounded like it would be a good match.I found it surprising how light this gel is and how well it nourishes and covers.It also has illuminating properties, a dewy-fresh, non-greasy finish, plumping up the skin. As mentioned before, it is a pretty strong scent . It takes some getting used to however, the ingredients certainly do the trick. My face instantly looked much fresher and over the past two of weeks has really improved in radiance.

In conjunction with the Oils of Life series brings The Body Shop is also the special Twin Ball Revitalizing Facial Massager This tool can be used to introduce yourself to give a nice massage. It’s a sturdy little device and the metallic balls to massage the face, remove toxins and increase circulation. The massage roller is quite heavy and is therefore very comfortable to hold. Unlike many other massage rollers rotate the balls of Facial Massager around, feel like your skin is pinched between a thumb and forefinger. That's pretty nice!
This massager is amazing and just amazing I have been using it since a week and I can actually see my skin more toned. It is recommended to use the Facial Massager after Oils of Life Revitalizing Facial Oil and that works very well. The massage stimulates blood circulation and makes your skin more rays. In addition, the massage helps a bit with a swollen face, which can help if your morning a little puffy look.

The Body Shop‘s Oils of Life were released intentionally to match the colder months.Oils of Life is described by The Body Shop as ‘not a miracle but it’s close’, intriguing I hear you say, well yes it really is.
I can imagine it's a bit difficult to determine what skin type the Oils of Life series is suitable. It doesn't tackles with acne or skin irritation, but he focuses on making it more radiant skin and a mild anti-aging. Actually, you can still use it with any age, especially if you have normal to slightly dry skin. If your skin to the oily side which inclines the oil is absolutely still fit, but then I would go for something lighter gel-cream. And I can tell you, this series not only looks fantastic, but it is also very fine.
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Stay Gorgeous,
Ma'As Salama