Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Eyeshadow and Aqua Rouge 2015 launched

Summer is here and it’s time to show up with your AQUA summer mood. MAKE UP FOR EVER brings you your NEW AQUA companion during your summer break whether on the swimming pool, beach, on an evening night or in any hot and humid setup.


AQUA MATIC is a new addition to MAKE UP FOR EVER’s award-winning Aqua range(,check out the whole collection here) . Aqua Matic is a NEW gliding waterproof eye shadow pencil. Its light, creamy and ultra-smooth texture makes it simple to apply and easy to blend. Designed with a waterproof formula, it ensures an extremely stable and intense color payoff that is resistant to sea water, swimming pool and rubbing. 10 wonderful shades of AQUA MATIC, ranging from nude to pop in Matte to diamond effects were created for endless colorful and summery possibilities ranging from the most natural to the most sophisticated makeup. It offers perfect coverage and easier application for eyes that truly hypnotize.
A major innovation for 2015, the new AQUA MATIC eyeshadow collection is the latest eye makeup revolution led by Make Up For Ever in the waterproof eyeshadow segment. AQUA MATIC glides like a liner, blends into a shadow and is so smudge-proof – it offers perfect coverage without weighing down the eyes!


Waterproof and smudge proof, the holding power of AQUA MATIC has been confirmed in 100% of consumer tests. Combined with a high-tech retractable format and integrated sharpener, it comes in an ultra-glide smooth texture with 15 shades to choose from.
A wax-based formula containing volatile isododecane oil, an oil that evaporates after application, leaving makeup perfectly sealed.
The association of several different waxes (synthetic wax, polyethylene wax and rice wax) make the formula particularly resistant to water, non-transferable and crease-proof.
2 other high-viscousity polymers, including polybutene, offers strong adhesive power that dramatically prolongs the formula’s durability.
Elastomer copolymer comest o form a solid plastic film, reinforcing its long-lasting water resistance and anti-smudge properties.


This season also holds 2 NEW shades addition to Aqua Rouge collection, the liquid waterproof lipstick. Perfect for every woman looking for long-lasting lipstick, #21C in Cool Pink Candy and #23C in Apricot Pink, are now available to complete your AQUA Look.

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s AQUA MATIC range is exclusively launched at Sephora starting from June 1st, 2015.
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No summer is complete with a bronzer and how about a waterproof bronzer,?
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Aqua Matic
Aqua Rouge
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