10 ways to use MAC Fix plus

Normally, I would say there are no rules as to how you’re using your beauty products. Use it at your free will, whatever works for you works for you.But sometimes I see and hear people using products just plain wrong. As in they’re using the product in the hope that it will achieve something it’s not designed to. The MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ Spray is a prime example of this.
I see this product being used, and mistaken, as a setting spray. MAC Fix+ Spray is not, I repeat NOT, a setting spray. I can completely understand why some people think it would be though, as the name does suggest that it “fixes” .MAC Fix+ Spray is actually a skin refresher/finishing mist. It is to be applied before or after makeup to freshen up your face. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I really do believe it refreshens my face. I also think that the spray comes out in a nice even mist- it's not like a stream of liquid. It comes out in a perfect even mist that covers your entire face with every spray. Read the complete review here.

Fix Plus is a multipurpose product but what it works best for is as a finishing spray. I love multipurpose products. Products which can be used in so many ways so you don’t have to carry 10 separate products in your bag.

Here are a few ways I like to use Fix+:

1.Before Skin Prep

I always spray my face twice with the Fix + before I apply my primer /foundation but after I moisturize. I feel this step energizes my skin and preps my skin for my foundation. This can be a good step for girls with dry skin because it can make your skin feel smoother before applying your foundation.

2.As a primer

The reason why all Mac artists use this liberally on the model’s face before applying makeup is its priming properties. I have used makeup with this underneath and without and I can definitely vouch for the fact that this increases your makeup’s staying power by an extent. It won’t work like those heavy duty silicone primers but it will help blend the makeup into a flawless finish and you can actually feel the weightlessness.

3. Re-freshen your makeup

You can use it to simply refreshen your face throughout the day (especially in summer's) I love the feeling of the cool mist on my face.

4. As a moisturizer

Sometimes it happens that after all the makeup is removed and face washed, the skin feels really stretchy and dry. Lightly spraying this on your face makes the skin moisturized and plumped it also fixes the dry spots around the nose and mouth. Who doesn’t love luminous plump healthy skin!

5. Spritz your face after makeup

Sometimes I spray the Fix + on my face after I finish my makeup,especially with powder foundations. Sometimes after makeup application, you may notice you seem a little powdery. To blend your makeup into your skin for a more natural look, spray this evenly over your entire face and allow it to sit to dry for a few seconds. This allows the makeup to set into your skin and not sit on top of it.This product necessarily make your makeup last longer but it does give the skin a somewhat dewy finish.

6. Use Fix+ for loose pigments

This product makes pigments to show of the most color payoff.
Spray your eye shadow brush with Fix+ (make sure your brush is damp, not drenched) and gently pick up pigment. Tap off any excess pigment and pat on your lid to apply. the eyeshadow color payoff more bright, vivid and bold. I'm not sure why but it just does!Using this method also helps the pigment stay on longer because the Fix+ acts a bonding agent.
How to do it?check the tutorial here.

7. Make baked eye shadows more vibrant

Like with the pigment, spray your eye shadow brush with Fix+, dip your brush into the baked eye shadow, and pat on lid. Typically, baked eye shadows don't have a lot of color payoff when they are used dry so spraying your brush with Fix+ really transforms your baked eye shadows into colors that are really vibrant and beautiful with amazing payoff.

8. Dilute concealer or foundation

If you have a concealer that is one the thicker side or may be harder to apply, give a quick spray to the concealer to make it easier to work with. Or if you have a thicker/more full coverage foundation and want to sheer it out a little for summer, mix foundation and a spray of Fix+ on the back of your hand or in a small dish and apply. *Another Tip: If you have a fast drying foundation that doesn't give you a lot of application time, try using Fix+ to give you a little more time to perfect your liquid foundation.

9.Transform powder foundation to liquid

While it can remove powdery feel from the skin after applying makeup,it can also be used to convert any powder foundation into liquid.Just take a small amount of your loose powder foundation add in the fix plus mix it in and you have your very own liquid foundation to use.

10. Revive you gel liner/products

Try using it with a gel eyeliner. It makes application easier because it glides on smoother. It kind of turns it into a gel/liquid consistency. 

 I see so many bad reviews of this product as people have purchased it in the hopes that it’s going to set their makeup and I feel like it gets such bad press because of this. Obviously it’s just misinformation, but it’s a really great product when used correctly. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. There are so many ways Fix+ can be used in your day-to-day routine. It is a good multi-use product. If you have tried it let me know what your thoughts are. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 
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