The Body Shop seaweed Clarifying Toner Review

Toner is an essential part in the skin cleansing reming.And I had been looking for an alcohol-free toner for sometime.The body shop’s seaweed clarifying toner. TBS’s seaweed range is especially targeted towards people with combination to oily skin.

Okay here’s what the products claims This alcohol- free, purifying toner helps to refreshes and removes impurities and refines pores. And now for my experience with this toner

The packaging is standard of The Body Shop. The toner comes with a flip open cap and the bottle is big and sturdy.The toner itself smells really clean and fresh. I can't completely describe the smell, but it's light and just wonderful. The toner is clear in color, but with a tiny tinge of yellow.

I take a little bit of this Toner in a cotton pad and swipe it lightly all over my face, neck in an outward direction after cleansing my face with a mild cleanser.  I never liked using toners in the past because they always felt like they were burning my skin. However, because this is alcohol-free it is much more gentle to use than other alcohol-filled toners.

I would just say that I LOVE that squeaky clean feeling that I had after taking my makeup off with it or after cleansing. Note that this toner may not be for people with acne and pimple problems because it didn’t help me get rid of any pimples ,though it hasnt broken me out even. it just does what it claims to do and that is to refresh your skin .After using this toner I actually felt like my skin was breathing. More importantly it makes my skin look more fresh a little bit brighter and less oily.
Even though I have oily skin, this does not completely strip my skin of oils and leave it feeling dry.
Now, this toner does claim to minimize pores. My pores have not gotten smaller, but they are extremely stubborn, so I really can't put all the blame on this toner.
Pros :
-Alcohol free
-Skin feels refreshed
-Effectively cleans off any impurities &  Controls oil
-Doesn't break you out
Cons :
- Not for people with problematic skin
-You find the scents bothersome
-It doesn't dramatically reduce the size of your pores
Price and amount : This is priced at 8 GBP and you get 200 mL of product.
Availability: This is available at all The Body Shop outlets.
Rating : 3.5/5
I do like this toner! If you are looking for an alcohol-free toner that’s gentle enough on your skin then this one might be for you.
Have you tried this toner before?Which one is your favorite toner?share your views in the comment
Until next time,
Stay Gorgeous,
Ma'As Salama